Relocation Consultation

Our Total Relocation Service Program is designed to help company employees and their family members who are coming to the UK by offering them all the services they and their companies may need to manage relocation successfully from Speed Express and its partners. These services are provided by our experienced professionals, and they include dedicated relocation consultation, orientation, home search, international domestic moving, and other related services that employees, their families, and their companies may require. These services can significantly reduce the burden and issues related to moving to a position in the UK and serve as a warm welcome.

Orientation Services

These services familiarize transferees with their new location and include a tour of the new neighborhood covering foreign resident registration offices, shopping areas, banks, and other places of interest. Our personnel will be happy to answer any additional questions.

Departure Services

We also offer indispensable departure services for clients who have completed their stay in the UK. These include arrangements for moving away, assistance in lease termination, disconnection of telephones and utilities, monitoring the return of security deposits on expiry of leases, and assistance in mail forwarding.

Home Search

Royal Exclusive Shipping & Logistic Services Express provides support specialists to manage the house-hunting process to minimize loss of time and, above all, costs.